Thursday, July 31

July Wrap Up

Hello bloglings!  I am quite literally just back from Spain and in the process of trying to dry all my just-washed clothes. (we don't own a tumble dryer - that would be way too modern for my Dad's brain to cope with) I am so so  busy trying to repack because tomorrow I am off to a festival! WHOOP WHOOP!

On another note

This time last year I had made lots of Harry Potter themed cupcakes but you know between the airport and the unpacking and the washing and the repacking, I don't really have any time!

To wrap up July, here is a list of my blogging activities:

-The TBR List } literally a pile of books. I am getting through them, slowly but surely.
- and oh! No reviews. Well expect some next month.

-Savings Jar } That was fun to make. Not very original but it will have benefits i.e. money.

- What? No baking either! Tut tut tut. ...... Does my Eiffel Tower Cake count?

- Birthday Haul } My eighteenth.
-The city of Lights } I went to PARIS!!!
- The Sunshine Award } Thank you to Emily and July!
- My Five Favourite Places in the World } I loved writing this post. Tell me your favourite places.

And that is kind of it.

I am supposed to fill in my favourite posts of the month here but I don't have anytime so instead I am making a mental note to write a whole post on my favourite blogs/posts of July.

Marian ^_^

Saturday, July 26

My Five Favourite Places in the World

1. My Tree House
I know that to other people my tree house doesn't look like much but to me it is the most magical place on Earth. At the side of my house we have a hedge row of palm trees and when I was five my dad cut one of the trees out, revealing this little space. At the time it was only about 2m squared. Overtime, we made a compost heap around the outside and planted a few trees. Now it has expanded into this secret little hideaway and the trees have grown to make and arch leading into it.


Leading from this, there is a tunnel (well more of a path way enclosed by trees). You see, when I was five I looked at this tree house and saw the coolest place on earth. And to this day it always looks so much better to me than to anyone else. In my imagination I saw a secret cabin house with an arched door way and towering trees overhead for a possible tyre swing.

2.  A Casa Mia, Sligo, Ireland.

This is my favourite cafe in the whole world. They have the most amazing food and hot chocolate. And I am totally in love with the long table. I love how everyone sits around the table despite no knowing each other. It is such a cool place. Even it's location is so beautiful. Just outside, is the river and cobbled street ways. The ambiance is perfect.

3. Geneva, Switzerland.
Although I don't really have any pictures to show you guys, I'll try my best to describe the wonder in this beautiful city. I came here last October on a class trip. We stayed in the youth hostel - an even that place was amazing. I think we came at the perfect time because the weather was nice and cold and yet it wasn't too cold. There was a nice crispness in the air. The streets are so clean and the architecture is amazing. Everyone is in suits. It is just a beautiful, serene place.

4. Leicister Square
Have you ever been to that square in London? Well, you should. Especially if it is really sunny out. Last year, my friends and I came here everyday whilst in London. We just sat there and looked around. Even though we didn't do anything, it still became one of my favourite places. It is just so calm and nice to sit on the grass amidst the hustle and bustle. Not to mind the yummy smell coming from M & M World!

5. Shakespeare's Bookstore, Paris.
It's a bookshop in Paris. What more can i say.

Marian ^_^

Wednesday, July 23

My Savings Jar

As a consequence of my last major book-buying spree I have been left penniless and to avoid further brokeness I thought, "hey, why don't I make a cute little piggy bank!"
Of course I couldn't find any hollow pigs around the house so instead I washed out a jam jar. And with a sprinkle of joy and a pinch of creativity (and a lot of glue), I made my savings jar.

So hopefully now I will feel motivated to put money in the jar. 
I do have a lot of things to save for; Italy, skydiving, driving, college, other bucket list things, etc.

What do you think?
Marian ^_^

Sunday, July 20

The Sunshine Award

You are my sunshine.... my only sunshine.... You make me haPPY... when skies are grey ♫ ♫

- sorry, that song just popped into my head.

I'd like give a very huge thank you to both Emily (Emily Etc.) and July (I Solemnly Swear I am up to no good) for nominating for this award. As it is my first award on my new blog I am very excited!!

The rules:
- Thank the person who nominated you
-Answer the questions
-Nominate other bloggers who you deem worthy
-Come up with some mind boggling questions for the new nominees
-Tell them that you nominated them.

First up Emily's questions.

1. Favourite book series?
That's easy. Harry Potter.

2. If you could say one thing to a large group of people what would it be?
......... ...... ...... stupefy.

3. What topic do your thoughts keep coming back to all the time?
hmmm..... That is a tough question. Either "I really need to do more blogging" or "I wonder if there is any cake left".

4.Share with us two great songs you've recently discovered and loved.
Gibson - Hermitage green
Sail- Awolnation
They are AMAZING!!! You should really listen to them. Tell me what you think!

You should also check out the piano cover of sail. i think it is the instrumental of both songs that makes me like them so much.

5. What is one food that you've never actually eaten more than a tiny bit of yet are convinced you hate?
Mushrooms, peppers, liver, kidney, prawns, pears, almonds, coconut, peanut butter... the list goes on.

6. If you could have dinner with three authors (living or dead), all at the same time, who would you pick?
Julia Child ( does writing a cookbook count?)
Jane Austen
John Green

7. What is the last a) book b) song c) TV show and d) film that have made you cry?
a) Looking for Alaska
b) The Colours of the Wind
d) TFiOS

8. One book you loved until it had a terrible ending?
I think One Day or maybe Eleanor and Park.

9. What gives you comfort?

And now onto Juy's questions.

1. What is your favourite summer activity?
Cloud gazing with my cat on a blanket on the grass outside in the sun.

2. Would you prefer lemonade or soda?
Oh these American terms! I am going to pick Coke (soda). I don't like 7up (Lemonade).

3. Out of the following, which would you most enjoy visiting for the day - the beach,  the pool, the ocean, the swimming hole in the woods?
These all involve water! And what is the swimming hole in the woods. Firstly in Ireland it is far too cold to go to the beach/ocean. So I guess I'll go with pool.

4. What is your summer song?
In general or just this year? ..... Surfin' USA - The Beach Boys or Twist and Shout- The Beetles. 

5.  What is your opinion on old Disney movies?
They are the BEST! I don not consider the new ones "Disney". I absolutely love the original Disneys.  My favourite is Mulan  and Anastasia. I also love Beauty and the beast, Pocahontas and Peter Pan.

6. Would you eat cookies if I baked them?
hmm... this sounds like a trick question... I might get someone elso to take a bit first, just to make you sure you didn't poison them or worse-

7. If you could travel anywhere this summer vacation with no cost to you, where would it be, why and what would you do there?
I would go to orlando to visit the Harry Potter theme Park. Why? WHY? What kind of question is why? Because I am a Potter fanatic - duh! And then I would see everything there is to see and enrol myself in Hogwarts and go get my wand in Olivanders and ride the Knight Bus and go on the train and change my name to something to very magical and live happy ever after!

Okay, who shall I pick...

And Finally the new Questions.

1. What is your favourite colour (be specific)?
2. If you could live in a world from a book, which would you choose?
3. What are top 3 favourite places in the world?
4. Who was your first favourite singer/ band?
5. Pick a number any number?
6. Tell me three things on  your bucket list?
7. Are you a morning or night person?
8. What is the first thing that just popped into your head, right now?
*Wipes sweat from brow* whoof.
That took ages!
Marian ^_^

P.S. I am going away to Spain soon so I apologise in advance for my absence. Hopefully I will have a few posts scheduled.

Wednesday, July 16

The to-be-read List

I have this affliction whereby I keep buying too many books. I just can't help it. When I walk into a bookstore and see all these wonderful book spines piled on shelves I immediately feel the urge to buy more. This terrible beauty has left my piggy bank a little on the empty side. So now I have this humongus pile of books to be read! *not that I am complaining*

  • Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
  • Northern Lights trilogy by Philip Pullman
  • Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz
  • Witch and Wizard by James Patterson

  • Miss Peregrine's Home for peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
  • The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson
  • A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
  • A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin

  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
  • The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennon
  • The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

  • New Moan by Stephordy Mayo
  • Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult
  • Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult
  • The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult
  • Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
  • The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

  • The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
  • Wicked by Gregory Maguire
  • Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
  • United we Spy by Ally Carter
  • The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
  • The Poison Garden by Sarah Singleton
  • The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
  • The Knife of Never letting Go by Patrick Ness
  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David leuithan
  • The Girl who Kicked the hornet's Nest by Larsson
Happy Reading!
Marian ^_^

Monday, July 14

The City of Lights

I have this list. A Bucket list. And number one on this very long list is to visit every country in the world. A task that seems quite impossible but at the same time very alluring. And let me tell you there is a LOT of countries on this planet. So I thought I my as well start my journey early.
I've already been to Spain and in the last year I have managed to see London (England), Geneva (Switzerland) and now Paris (France).

Two weeks ago my friends and I boarded a plane to Paris! The night before I watched Monte Carlo to get my mood buzzing with excitement. Of course in my head I had this rose-tinted image of the beautiful city of love. Like those ones you see on we heart it. I expected a tranquil ambiance with a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and beautiful fashion in a vintage-esque city of delicious food and perfect weather. Naturally, this wasn't the case...

Firstly, the city smells of pee..... ewwww.
Secondly, the weather varies in extremities between sweltering hot and lashing rain.
Thirdly, there are a LOT of people. And I am not a people person. In fact I am on the border of being a hermit. I am, Almost -a Modern Emily dickinson-  (.... random punctuation and all)
Despite those minor negatives the city of lights is a wonderful place. When all the bus tours and sigh-seeing and touristy jazz is out of the way, it is only then can you see the city for what it is. Taking a day to just get lost in it is just as magnificent as the view from scare-cur.


Yeah!!! A bunch of eighteen year olds in Disney land. It is the most magical place ever!!! We had soo much fun!! :D
My favourite ride is thunder mountain, or something like that. The rides are in general quite slow but that one is so exhilarating. Before this I had never been on a roller coaster. But now I am addicted.

Out of all of that my favourite place in Paris is Shakespeare's bookstore.
The Stamp *sorry it's sideways*
It is most spectacular bookstore I've ever been to. Think Beauty and the beast Library. There was even one of those sliding ladders. EEKK! And guess what I got there?... Julia Child's cookbook!!!

However most of the time I spent stalking Ansel Elgort. He was in Paris the same time I was! Alas, I couldn't find him...

 So now that is five down, another billion countries to go.
I made this Eiffel tower cake in anticipation of Paris.

Bon Appetit!
Marian ^_^

Friday, July 4

Birthday Haul

Do you know what is one of the best things about birthdays? Books.
Books, books, BOOKS and more books. Every year I am graced with more and more fabulous paperbacks. I love the smell of their newness and the wonders that they posses. This year I was very lucky to get five new ones.
1984 - George Orwell
The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan
The Poison Garden - Sarah Singleton
Never Let Me Go- Kazuo Ishiguro
Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn 

I have absolutely no clue what they are about but at the same time I am really excited to read them all. Have you read any?
You should also know that my favourite animals are elephants. So that explains the card and my next present.

My dearest partner in greatness  sister gave me this lovely elephant. But what will I call it? ......Rosie? Like in Water for Elephants? Hmmm.....
Other family members gave me purple earrings and a birthstone necklace for my eighteenth. My eighteenth..... sounds weird! God, I am getting old... ^_^
Anyhoo, goodbye for now.
Marian ^_^

Thursday, July 3


*Waves maniacally at screen*
Hello! Nice to see you again - or if I don't know you, it is lovely to meet you. My name is Tom Riddle  (I mean) Marian. Welcome to my blog "Ivory Clouds".
Though this isn't my first ever blog, I still am feeling a little lost. I haven't blogged in months and right now I am trying to remember how to navigate through all this html..... It is quite complicated!
You may remember me from "A Certain Perhaps" or before that it was called "Accio Wonderland". This time I've changed my blog account completely. I am dipping my toes back into the ocean of blogging. And do you know what? It feels great. Oh how I have missed reading other blogs and writing new posts.
And, yes I am back for good. I vow not to change names/ urls for at least another year. This is my official blog and I will write about what I want to write about.... which is mainly going to be books, cakes and very inspirational revelations.
I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to comment. You can read more about me in the about page or just follow --> *go on, you know you want to*
Have a lovely day.
Marian ^_^