Friday, October 31

Autumn Snapshot

Autumn is a photographer's dream season. The colours, the sun, the rain, the sky, the wind and shadows make for some great photos. Over the last month I've been carrying around my camera so when the opportunity arose I could promptly take a snap.
Here is my snapshot of Autumn 2014.

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Happy Halloween!!!
Marian  ^_^
P.S. Like my mad pumpkin carving skills?
*pun intended*
"We're all mad here."


  1. Such beautiful shots of Autumn! <3
    You are talented;)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  2. I love taking pictures in Autumn! It's my favourite season:)

    Props to you for carrying your camera around. There's so many times when I'm like "Ah, I wish I had my camera!" when I was too lazy to carry it around.

    1. Autumn is such a pretty season :)
      Hehe, thanks. Yeah, I know. Whenever I don't have my camera there is always the perfect opportunity to take a lovely picture but then when I actually bother to carry it around nothing takes my interest.... It was a bit of a struggle so sometimes I just brought my phone instead ( those would be the really bad quality photos). ^_^


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