Monday, December 1

November (+October) Wrap Up

Hello people of the world. Nice to see you all again. November was kind of non existent for me on blogger. The emphasis should be on the no of NOvember. Yeah, I'm hilarious... haw haw.
Anyhoo, as I didn't get around to doing a wrap up for October, I thought I'd bundle the two months into one. After all in November I only did one post. One pathetic measly post. Tut tut Marian. So this month (as in Decmeber ) I am going to pack this blog with so many posts that you will be sick of me. You better watch out (.. You better not cry...♫ ♫ - oh great, now that song is stuck in my head ).

So those are the 5 FANASTIC posts I did over the past 2 months.  You're welcome.

Because I was a useless blogger I didn't read many other blogs so I have no favourite posts from other bloggers to tell you about. 

On a totally different note; are any of ye on ello? If so, wanna follow me? Or would anyone like an invite?

Marian ^_^  


  1. HAPPY CHRISTMAS GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK!! And thank you for your lovely comment! :')

    Pray, what is ello?

    1. MERRY CHRISTMAS ^_^ Thank you! No problemo.

      Ello is a fairly new social network. It's a mix of twitter and tumblr and maybe a bit of instagram. If you would like an invite I can send you an email....? Yeah? Well, I'm just gonna send you one anyway :D

    2. Ooh OK I'm about to look!

  2. OMG I DIDN'T REMEMBER YOU EXISTED ha I'm kidding :)

    Seriously though, it's great to see you (well, read you?) again!

    1. Haw haw. :L

      It's great to (virtually) see you too. Yeah, I don't know whether read or see or even hear is more appropriate.... See sounds better but it's not *really* correct.
      Thank you for your comment Kat ^_^ Merry Christmas.


I solemnly swear to reply every time ^_^