Friday, February 27

Book Covers

I probably love book covers way too much. I could stare endlessly at them in libraries and admire them with longing in book shops. I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover but I think the other way is also appropriate. Don’t judge a cover by its books. For instance; Twilight. The writing is terrible and the story is WAY over hyped ( even though at one stage in my life I admit I did obsess over it…but let’s just forget that.). Yet the cover, I think is wonderfully clever and simple.

Book covers are a hugely important part of a book. They’re what a reader see’s first and will instantly leave an impression. Essentially they are an advertisement for the book. its purpose is to get you to pick it up. However book covers can go brilliant right and also terribly wrong. Let’s face it, a bad cover will affect my judgement of the book. I know it really shouldn’t, but it does. Here’s a few of my favourite book covers that I own and often look at.

Other book covers I like:
So what's your favourite book covers?
Marian   ^_^

Saturday, February 21

You Got Mail

Just before Christmas last year, I won two giveaways.... on the same day. How lucky is that? I mean, I never win stuff. Never. And then all of a sudden - bam!
So, yeah, that made ecstatically happy. The first one was from the lovely Michelle at Tales of Yesterday ( click HERE ). Through her twitter giveaway I won a signed copy of We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. And from the wonderful Sunny at a Splash of Ink (click HERE), I won a surprise giveaway that came in the post last week. It was for her blog reaching 100 followers so CONGRATULATIONS Sunny - you deserve every one of them! :D

Here's a few photos:



A HUGE thank you to both Michelle and Sunny for these wonderful gifts
Happy Saturday!
Marian   ^_^

Sunday, February 15

Writer's Block

Writer’s Block happens to everyone. You are no less creative or more unimaginative than the next bestselling author. It’s a case of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

Now, I am no writer but I think blogger falls close enough. You may have noticed (or not) that things have been quiet on this blog recently for the simple excuse of writer’s block. I’ve been procrastinating. That’s all there is to it. It’s happened a few times to me in the past, but I’ve always been able to get over it quick enough. Last time I wrote myself a few steps to help.

Step 1: Admit it.

    My name is Marian and I have writer’s block.

Step 2: Force yourself to write a post.

    Currently doing that. And struggling. So much struggling. I apologise if this sounds     like utter rubbish.

Step 3: Do not delete said post. 
    Alright. I won’t.

Step 4: Take some time to do something your like. 
     ~We heart it
     ~Read a chapter
     ~Take some photos
     ~Learn a new song on piano/guitar

 Step 5: Read more than 5 blogs.
     I think it is about time I do that.

 Step 6: Do something out of your comfort zone.
     Oh. Hmmm…. like what? I have signed up to take part in Zombie Outbreak (some weird tag like game lasting a week in college), does that count?

Step 7: Do something creative. 
     I think I might paint. Or do some journaling.

 Step 8: Write down new blog ideas.
     That might be tough.

Step 9: Write another Blog post. 

Have you ever been inflicted with a mild case of writer’s block? What did you do to overcome it? Any tips?
Happy Blogging!
Marian     ^_^

Monday, February 2

January Wrap Up

So it seams that my schedule has gone out the window. My new year organisation has dwindled away. Suddenly it's February and I'm thinking "did I just miss two weeks?". I swear, last time I looked at the calendar it was January 10th. This also means that I haven't been reading other blogs and I feel really bad (mainly because there will be a dreadedly huge number of unread posts awaiting me on bloglovin'). I think I may leave the catching up for another night....

January Posts:
~The Goldfinch } Book Review ★★★★★
~Intrepid } Book Review ★★★★★
~Cakes in Cups } Just some cupcakes for you to virtually enjoy.
~2015 Reading Pile } What will I read this year?

Blog Posts I Enjoyed:
Pinterest Post @ Weaving Pages } I thought that this was such a useful post and that I am still learning from it.
WinterWonderland 5 @ Daily Diaries } Loved this story. It was so clever with quite an inspiring message.

January for me:
- Got really organised, blog-wise, book-wise and mind-wise.
- Started to relearn Guitar
- Remembered that I'm really useless at guitar
- Went back to college
- Decided that this year I would become fluent in German
- Caught a cold
- still sick
- and I know I will always be a rubbish at German.