Monday, February 2

January Wrap Up

So it seams that my schedule has gone out the window. My new year organisation has dwindled away. Suddenly it's February and I'm thinking "did I just miss two weeks?". I swear, last time I looked at the calendar it was January 10th. This also means that I haven't been reading other blogs and I feel really bad (mainly because there will be a dreadedly huge number of unread posts awaiting me on bloglovin'). I think I may leave the catching up for another night....

January Posts:
~The Goldfinch } Book Review ★★★★★
~Intrepid } Book Review ★★★★★
~Cakes in Cups } Just some cupcakes for you to virtually enjoy.
~2015 Reading Pile } What will I read this year?

Blog Posts I Enjoyed:
Pinterest Post @ Weaving Pages } I thought that this was such a useful post and that I am still learning from it.
WinterWonderland 5 @ Daily Diaries } Loved this story. It was so clever with quite an inspiring message.

January for me:
- Got really organised, blog-wise, book-wise and mind-wise.
- Started to relearn Guitar
- Remembered that I'm really useless at guitar
- Went back to college
- Decided that this year I would become fluent in German
- Caught a cold
- still sick
- and I know I will always be a rubbish at German.


  1. You seem stuff?
    I love the deathly hallow thing you've done in the header of post :D

    1. Yes.. and no. College takes up a lot of time but the course work is manageable. I'm just getting caught up in everything and I also think I have writer's block. I seam to be procrastinating. hopefully this won't last long.
      THANK YOU! I was just messing with the editing and then *lightbulb*. So yeah, that was the end result. ^_^

  2. "Started to relearn guitar/Remembered that I'm really useless at guitar". You are not alone... I just realized last night that I don't remember the last time I picked up my guitar (probably early December), and despite having learned how to play about seven years ago and taking two different classes, I haven't improved in the least. Are you taking a class, or are you self-taught?

    Here's to stubbornly persisting in the hopes that someday we'll improve! :)

    1. Haha, yeah. My guitar is sitting lonely and dusty in the corner. No matter how much I practise I just seem to be getting worse :L I had two lessons a few years ago and have been occasionally trying to self teach. But it ain't going very well. :D

      *raises imaginary glass* here here ^_^

  3. I know what it's like to have a busy schedule due to school. I JUST WANT TO BLOG, NO MORE READINGS!!! Ahem.

    I'm trying to work on my guitar playing too! I took a course in high school a few years ago, and I just got a book from the library on it. Buuuut, I sometimes fail, haha.

    1. ^_^ Exactly!
      Oooh! You must be really good at it. A book? I never thought of that. Maybe I might take a trip to my library soon and pick one up. Well as Einstein said failure is only success in progress. :D

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