Friday, April 24

Oreo Stuffed Cookies

This recipe was one of the first I ever posted on my old blog. It is one of my favourite things to bake. Oreo + Cookie = Perfection. It's like there's a surprise waiting for you inside. The original creator is from Picky Palate. You can find the recipe HERE.  I find it a little confusing because it uses the american measurement system. Just make sure the dough isn't too sticky or else it will expand ten times more than they usually do. You will need to space them out a lot - they grow!!!

Use your hands to mould the dough around the oreos. 

Some oreo goodness! I think these are wonderfully, creative baking ideas.
Let me know if you make them.
Happy Baking!
Marian  ^_^

Sunday, April 19


A big part of blogging is photography. It's the first thing that will catch your readers attention. But it's also a very enjoyable hobby. With our recent sunny weather I decided to carry my camera around with me for the day. I'm trying to improve my photo taking skill and have been looking up tips on pinterest.

Sunday, April 12

Life Happens

I often joke about having no life and that I spend way too much time doing grannyish things, like baking and knitting. I have no shame in saying that my typical weekend is full of reading wondrous books, knitting wooly hats, baking marvellous cakes and taking inept photos of cats. I would much prefer to nestle up under a blanket with a mug of tea and watch Harry Potter or Notting Hill rather than having to attempt to put on make up and go "out" pretending to be cool and completely in my comfort zone while really feeling very awkward and slightly terrified.

So it's strange when suddenly I have very little time to do any of my usual grannyish stuff. Instead I am so busy with college assignments, projects, exams and the pressure that comes from all that, not to mind missing my old friends, worrying about what other people think, trying to save money whilst freaking out about the future.... There just isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done. And anyway I'm just too tired to do much more than watch an hour of TV before falling asleep at 9pm.

Without anything interesting to write about, my blog has become very silent. I probably could have ranted away in posts ( like what I'm doing now ) but that kind of stuff is for a diary. And my blog isn't a diary. My blog is a place to share cool and inspiring things whether it be a great new book, a yummy recipe or just some paintings I did. Avada Kedavra negativity and Accio fun!

Over the last month(x3) here is what I have been up to.
(inspired my Cat's posts)

  • Grey’s Anatomy 
  • Friends 
  • Harry Potter 
  • Monte Carlo 
  • Notting Hill 
  • Maid in Manhatten

  • 1984 
  • Vegabond 
  • Kitty Hawk 
  • Cake. Lots of cake 
Listening to
  • TFiOS soundtack 
  • House of Gold { Twenty One Pilots 
  • Riptide ( Vance Joy 
  • I’m Coming Out { Diana Ross 
  • Don’t stand so close to me { The Police 
  • German 
  • HTML 
  • Python

How is life in the blogosphere? What have you been up? Anything mad and hairy happening?
Have a wonderful day!
Marian  ^_^