Sunday, April 19


A big part of blogging is photography. It's the first thing that will catch your readers attention. But it's also a very enjoyable hobby. With our recent sunny weather I decided to carry my camera around with me for the day. I'm trying to improve my photo taking skill and have been looking up tips on pinterest.

Yes, these are mainly of my cat, Mona. But she's just so adorable - who wouldn't want to photograph her?!? Anyway, what d'you think? What tips do you use for your blog photographs.

Here's some useful ones I found on pinterest:

photography tips
from pinterest

Happy Blogging!
Marian   ^_^


  1. These photographs! :D :D
    Those cats!
    That rabbit!! :D :D
    Stunning! :D

  2. Those photos are so beautiful!
    Here in Canada it was starting to get warm and then December somehow hit again today, so it's so nice to see those spring photos :)

    BTW You're cat is ADORABLE.

    1. Thanks Kat!
      Oooh - you're from Canada, eh?! I love Canada. Although I have never been there.
      Haha, does that mean ye have snow right now?

      I KNOW!! THANK YOU! :D

  3. Beautiful photos! I especially like the last one.

    I don't usually take photos specifically for my blog (except for "book haul" posts); I typically just peruse my iphoto albums for an image that fits what I'm posting. And sometimes I borrow from my husband, who's an aspiring professional. :)

    1. Thanks Serena! ^_^
      Wow - a professional photographer - that's so cool! You're very lucky to know someone who can give you great tips ^_^

  4. I really liked the second picture! The best way to learn to take good pictures is to practice! Try every setting on your camera to take pictures of the same subject. Then you'll be able to see how each thing affects it.

    1. Thanks Sunny! Mona will be very pleased to hear that.
      I'm trying to use my camera lot more. Up until know I've always had it set at auto which is great but doesn't give much control. That's some very good advise! I'll try that!
      Thanks Sunny! ^_^

  5. Oooh, I'm definitely looking up those tips because YES FOR PHOTOGRAPHY. I love it. I adore it. I love doing really close-up shots but I still haven't figured out how to work manual on the DSLR though. :( Ahhh, your photos are gorgeous! I LOVE the one with the rabbit!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Haha XD Thanks Cait. Yeah, I'm only just learning the manual mode. There are so many possibilities with the infinite number of features. I took so many pictures of rabbits that day. The field was FULL of them.
      Thanks! ^_^

  6. HEY! These are gorgeous. I love the first one. Also the lil rabbit :3

    How are you anyway, my dear? I am on hiatus currently (in a week I sit History, the first of my future-deciding exams nyeeeehhhhh) but trying to pop around my favourite blogs. What is going on in your life, currently? Am I right in saying you are in college? How are things?

    Again, these pics are beautiful. I reaallly want to improve my photography skills - so many followers are ace photographers and I'm always embarrassed to post any pictures because they're always rubbish! I will check out those links. The truth, I know, is that I need to practise more ...

    Goodnight! I'll be back soon,
    Emily x

    1. EMS! Well it's been a while! How you been? XD
      Thanks you very much. That rabbit sat there frozen for a whole 15 minutes without moving. I thought it had gone into shock! :o

      I am great. Really great. My exams start in two days so of course I pick this time to start blogging again! Typical. You know just procrastinating as usual. I've noticed you've been absent and have been promptly waiting for Emily Etc. to pop up on bloglovin'. And yes, I am indeed in college. It's fantastic. Ratio boy to girl is like 11 to 1. Haha XD

      Thank you! I know, I see al these beautiful shots of the simplest of things and I'm just in awe at their skill. So I've been practising a lot lately but there is definitely HUGE room for improvement. And you're photos are not rubbish! I wish they were bigger sure - but the quality is there :D

      Oiche mhaith! Sweet dreams. ^_^

    2. am I commenting into the void here?

  7. WELL THEN. I just left two comments but neither of them appeared! Potted history of my long reply:

    I am OK but I have tonsillitis
    I procrastinate also
    I waste time on Pinterest
    I will blog soon (I swear)
    Your photos are nice
    I should practise more

    ^^I said all and more this in actual prose ... but I think cyberspace has swallowed it :(

    1. I am truly sorry that happened. After all your effort blogger has to go and mess it up *shakes head*. It happens a lot to me - especially if I'm logged in with the wrong email address.

      OH DEAR! Get better soon. And eat lots of sweets, they make you better and they taste good :)
      My life is procrastination.
      Pinterest is the best ( currently planning me wedding )
      YOU BETTER!!!! XD
      Thank you ^_^
      Me too


    2. It upsets me an irrational amount!

      I'm almost over it. I had a coughing fit in my exam on Friday, though, despite my overconsumption of Polos XD
      That's my motto!
      hahaha I may have to go and stalk that XD


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