Wednesday, May 13

A Home for Books : The Bookshelf Link-Up

Sunny over at her lovely blog A Splash of Ink is hosting a Link-Up. And the wonderful theme is of course books! More so how we organise our beloved books. But books!! I think that's my favourite topic. I could talk FOREVER about books. The stories, the characters, the covers, the fonts....! But let's just focus on the organisation of books. A nicer way to put it - Where my Books live.

1. If you can, share a picture of your bookshelves.

I have two main areas for my books.  My bookshelf which is full ( there, by the door ) and another shelf over my desk that also holds teddy bears and little trinkets. Up until a week ago though, most of those books were scattered around my room serving as tables and holding doors open.

2. How do you sort your books?

I like to keep all my tbr books separate from all the other books I have read. Currently my to-be-read books are on top of the bookshelf. There is about 15-20 of them. Then everything else is organised by author and then prettiness of the spines. I don't like to have too many dark covers close together.

3. Do you have any special trinkets or decorations on your shelves, or are they purely business?

I have a few cute ornaments like snow globes and jewellery boxes on the shelf. I also have a little origami collection made from different friends. My room is really small so everything is squished together and can look very cluttered. I also have a Time Turner from Harry Potter that I bought at a comic book store in Paris that I keep in its box proudly on the shelf. Everything I love is kept there. I really want to get some fairy lights to hang around it.

4. What genre dominates your bookshelf? Or what genres make up your bookshelf?

YA. Mostly. Followed by Fantasy and Contemporary with a hint of classic.

5. Are there any books on your shelf that you're particularly proud of?

All of them! I love each and every one of my precious books! But I do LOVE LOVE my Harry Potters. They're getting old and faded but they are one of those things I couldn't live without. I haven't taken a proper picture of them but they are on the middle shelf of my bookshelf in that little photo up there.

6. What is the ratio between read books and TBR books on your shelf?

Ehmmm...... maybe 3:1. I do have a lot of borrowed books that I haven't read. They are in a different part of my room so alas are not in any photos. But my TBR pile continues to grow.

7. What is the most recent addition to your bookshelf?

I bought these beauties yesterday: ^_^

8. Describe your dream bookshelf setup.
The only way I can describe it is through Belle's library in Beauty and the Beast. I want a whole library for a bookshelf. I want ladders and stairs and hideaways. A little book nook with comfy cushions and an old window to look out at the rain. And a secret door that looks like part of the shelf!
That was fun! And thanks to Sunny! Be sure to stop by her blog and see what others have linked up!
Happy Reading!
Marian ^_^

Monday, May 4

April Wrap Up

April was exam month for me. It still is, I guess. I currently have two more exams left before Dobby will be Free!! XD Of course this would also happen to be the month that I decide to start blogging again. It's not like I had any study to be doing.... oh wait! :L
I did a huge amount of baking in the space of a week. I made chocolate cake, banana bread, cookies, red velvet cupcakes and oreo cookies. I'll post a few recipes when I get a chance. I've also been doodling, taking photos and flinging paint at paper ( not my sister - I swear! ).

Posts I did in April:

What I'll be reading in May:

(made with the help of Sunny's post)

Here's a (published!) poem by my friend Luke. Let me know what you think! 


 It stood shakily on the shore,
eyes gleaming ,dripping wet,
she blocked out the horizon no sun no more,
a spectre now stood where the sun will set.

 one stomp to fifty steps,
one leap to a hundred,
two final leaps of faith,
 two wings to reach her goal.

 A glistening metropolis lay untouched,
like ripe fruit for the picking,
she landed with a quake,
every man stood still as she shook.

 A beast amongst concrete monoliths,
surrounded by Human ambition,
built on the spoils of war and greed,
time to let loose
       toppling, turning,
                   and a spin.

the sand fell,bucket tipped,
playtime over,
toys away,
     Eve wandered in home,
 she really is a little monster.
    ~  by Luke Coffey

Goodbye April!
Marian  ^_^