Monday, June 22

A little Letter to you

Dear people who are bothering to read this,
        first of all, thank you for reading this. It means a lot. Especially when someone goes to the effort of thinking, brainstorming, and trying to condense all that nonsense into words, it's nice to know that someone is going to value your efforts. Or at least briefly glance at your shocking attempt of a blog post.
       Secondly, I hope you all remember me. It's been a long time since I've even looked at anything to do with blogging. I even hesitated before remembering what my URL is! So that's obviously a bad sign. I had such high hopes for blogging during May, June... since I no longer have college or study to be doing. But instead I became even more busy.
       I started working. Like proper working. 9 to 5:30. Monday to Friday. In a real company. REAL! With other REAL people. And let me tell you - it is exhausting!!! I'm just starting my fourth week and I am in need of a major holiday. The work itself isn't that hard. Well it probably is, only I just don't know how to do anything. I am only an intern but like I have no clue about anything. It's all computery, high tech, modern stuff that has me going "umm...what?"
       On top of that, I am working far away from home. So that means I had to move out. And it takes ages to get here from home. Therefore I no longer have Friday or Sunday nights. They do not exist. I spend them in a car. Usually overthinking and questioning every move I make. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Somedays I have such a clear view in mind that I can feel like I could take on the world then other days I want to curl up under the duvet because nothing makes sense anymore.
        There's been a lot of stuff happening too. Not just in the world of me myself and I. Friends I have went through a tough time and I had to mind my Dad for a while when he had an accident. And everything just felt like a mess.
        Now things are sort of back on track. But when is anything ever perfect? Just enjoying the happiness and calmness before the next inevitable hurdle.
        So I'm trying to juggle work, family, friends (new and old), blogging, reading and other hobbies I used to love to do. I will try my best. But no guarantees.
And how are you all?!
Happy Blogging!
Love you lots like Jelly Tots :L
Marian  ^_^