Sunday, August 2

Potter Talk

If you haven't realised by now how insanely obsessed I am with Harry potter then.....

My life mostly revolves around Harry Potter. No wait - Harry Potter IS life. Anyone who tries to argue with me - LIES!!

I watch all the films on a monthly basis. Currently on Prisoner of Azkaban ( gawd I just love that one!! ) We started again on 31st July because it was Harry Potter's birthday. 

And even though I have a tbr pile a mile high ( I could build a castle out of them and then live in it ) I REALLY want to reread all the Harry Potters. I just have to. It is a necessity!

I've just always loved Harry Potter, the books, the films, the world, the magic, the friendships, the realistic everyday life, the messages, and that amazing plot line. ALWAYS! 
So it's no surprise that one of my favourite things to watch on youtube is HarryPotteresque videos. I love some of the ones with songs that fit to different parts. Like these: 

This one killed me. Just ---! sob! :(

Because the Weasleys hold a special place in my heart.

And because who doesn't love fall out boy?

This is THE classic Harry Potter song.

Which is your favourite? ^_^
Marian ^_^