Monday, November 23

DIY: Inspiration Board

Over the summer I began collecting little things from magazines or saving pinterest images that I really liked and caught my attention. Things that when I looked at them they reminded of happy memories or inspired me to be better and work harder. I acquired a lot of these because lets face it I Love a lot of things. In fact it was hard to choose which ones to keep. I had a bajillion pictures of owls. Cause they're just so  adorable <3 right?!? (speaking of owls, my boyfriend got me a little figurine of Hedwig last week - cue the "awwwwwws")

Anyhoo, all of these pictures I kept to make an inspiration board. Basically an inspiration board is a sheet of paper with everything you love condensed into this little area and then stuck to your wall as a decoration and can be viewed at any time to uplift mood, inspire motivation or just look longingly into Andrew Garfield eyes as you wait for the day he shows up and asks to marry you. (what's that look for? )

I made one of these a few years back. As you can see my taste and style has changed...

I also decided to pattern the sheet of paper first. I used tea and a cup to make tea stain patterns and let it dry overnight. It was either that or attach a tea bag to the page, but I would probably have taken it off sometime when I would be in desperate need of a cup of tea - much like now actually. I really Love tea.

If you are on pinterest, you can find some of my inspiration board pictures HERE. 
Tell me what inspires you? Do you stick pictures on your wall?

Merry Christmas!
Marian ^_^

Friday, November 13

All the Colours

I absolutely adore the colours of Autumn. The reds, yellows, oranges, greens. It's so spectacular and beautiful. That's one of the many reasons I love Autumn. Winter is coming and it's finally *socially acceptable* to be excited for Christmas. Although I've been listening to festive songs since mid June ( so what? Don't judge me :L ).  And Autumn is cold enough to start wearing wooly jumpers, get wrapped up in coats, put on multiple layers of socks and not to mind gloves, scarfs and hats! Best of all is sitting by the fire, with a cup of tea, and a good book in hand. So this is my collection of pictures of Autumn.  
What's your favourite Season and why?

Merry Christmas!
Marian   ^_^