Tuesday, March 8

Stacking The Shelves

Over the years, I've managed to acquire quite a large "to be read" list.  Right now it is probably nearing 8 stories tall. It's my tower of magnificent, beautiful, wonderful books. You see I'm planning to build a castle. Yes a castle of books. And then live in it. And I want a dragon too. Outside she will guard my castle and inside I will read, drink tea and eat cake.

*looks dreamingly into the future*

I have in total 37 physical books that I own from my TBR list. Each time that I finish one book I somehow end up buying 3 more *oopsie daisy*. It's just that those beautiful covers and homey smell of inky pages cry out from the shelves of Waterstones, and me being a valiant person must rescue those poor books and bring them to the safety of my castle.

Indeed I do love my tower of books but they are also beginning to scare me. It keeps on growing! I'm at a loss of where to start. At the moment I am reading the Gone series by Michael Grant ( sooooo good! ). One of my friends has left me borrow his copies. Soon I will be finished and need to start something of my own. It's like I'm avoiding my own books :O I just can't decide which one to pick. Pleeeeease Help! I need advice!

Happy Reading!

Marian ^_^

P.S I'm very sorry for lack
 of blogging recently. Our 
internet doesn't work :( 
Perks of living in the 
middle of nowhere :/