Monday, May 23

Adventuring: London

This Easter was the second time I visited the Glorious City of London. And it was just as spectacular as it was three years ago. Much like Ireland, England's weather is "okay" and can be very unpredictable. So I decided to bring a bit of every type of clothing. In the end, it was that nice dry crispness with enough warmth to be comfortable walking around and enough coolness to cuddle up in a wooly coat. I did a lot of planning for this trip (... well I do a lot of planning anyway. I have a serious addiction to writing lists ) but it turns out you need a LOT of time, especially for museums. They are just so goddamn beautiful. In Three words London is:



The National Gallery: As always this is my favourite museum in the world. I love art and taking the time to walk around this magical building is a wonderful experience. It brings me peace and calm to sit and look at a painting, wondering who this artist was, where was he when he was painting this and why did he paint it. Did it make him happy to work away perfecting a picture or had he seen something so inspiring it kept him up all night trying to paint it? As they say a picture can paint a thousand words.

The National History Museum: This museum was my Boyfriend's favourite place we saw in London. It's a really fantastic day out for anyone. Full of dinosaurs, reptiles, mammals and butterflies, it's so much fun to see everything in there enormity up close.

The British Museum: I found it amusing that they called it the British Museum when mostly everything I saw did not come from Britain. Cool glass ceiling in the main area, it's so bright.

Victoria and Albert Museum: Unfortunately we only got to spend a little bit of time here. It was surprisingly a lovely museum! There is SO much stuff to see, everything is cluttered together. I would recommend going here.

Tourist Sights

Madame Toussaudes: Aside from everything Harry Potter, this was undoubtedly by favourite sight. It's a lot of fun taking pictures with the wax models and trying to use snapchat filters on them. The marvel cinematic experience was brilliant! And the Star Wars part was fantastic!

London Eye: It takes a half hour on the London Eye as well as the long queues. It's nice to be on it once and the view is lovely but it's not something I'll come racing back for.

Tower Of London: Britain sure likes beheading. The beefeaters tour was interesting and rather fun. Didn't get to see the Crown Jewels as the queue was way too long but I think I may return sometime.

Bus Tour and Boat Ride: It's a nice way to gain knowledge of the city and see it above ground rather than the tube. I'm a big fan of bus tours because you're not worrying about tube maps and figuring out where to go and how to get there.

Warner Brothers Studios: I could do a whole post on this MAGICAL place. Seeing all the props and costumes up close just makes Harry Potter so much more real. <3 Everyone needs to visit here. And the shop there is just out of this world. I can't begin to explain the emotions that run through you when you enter the building. Seeing the chess pieces on the way in or the Harry Potter posters on the busses, it makes you well up with such pride and a feeling of home.

Shops and Food

Disney Store: Not as big as I expected. I mean it is London, two floors seems small. Then again it is Disney so naturally it was still brilliant! My boyfriend bought me Tigger and Piglet <3

Forbidden Planet: I felt so cool and nerdy in here. It's full of marvel, comics and manga. Expensive shop but any nerdy guy or girl will love it.

Platform 9 and 3/4: I don't think I need to explain how uberly awesome this place is!!! It has 2 shops now. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. But I held my head high and only picked up some Berty Botts Every Flavour Beans.

Paperchase: I am a MASSIVE stationary Fanatic! And this place was just HEAVEN. I even have a loyalty card for there now even though I don't think I'll be in London for another few years.

National Gallery Cafe: We had some cream Tea here and it was absolutely lovely. Very expensive but well worth it.

Fish and Chips: DELICIOUS! Got some outside Tower of London.

Have you been to London? 
Where in the world is your favourite place?

Adventure is out there!
Marian  xxx

Wednesday, May 11

Blog Post comes with Free Cake


Or if none of those tickles your taste buds I also bring Cake!

I realise that it has been quite a while since I've posted on my blog. 2 months, 3 days, 3 hours, 48 minutes and 12 seconds. And that's 2 months, 2 days, 5 hours too long. I hope the cake makes up for it though! It's like I've almost forgotten how to blog. After taking long breaks it can be quite difficult to get back into the swing of things. I mean for something that was once so natural, as easy as breathing (...well unless you have asthma :L ) I'm finding it kinda challenging in an awkward "where to begin?" sort of way. What's the best way to break the ice? A "big welcome back, did ya miss me" post or a "pretend like nothing has changed, book review/cake recipe" post?

So as a combination of both - HELLO PEOPLE! How have you been? Whatcha been up to?
Well here's what I've been doing:

I went to London during my Easter break and spent 4 days adventuring the glorious city. Best of all I got to visit Warner Brother’s Studios! AKA Harry Potter Studios! ^_^! Seeing all the props up close was like entering a dream. I’ve seen them a hundred times on screen but when they're right in front of you, it just makes it all real.

I haven't had a lot of spare time for such luxuries but I have been reading the Gone series. While there are times the story is fantastic and I can't put it down, there are a lot more times that the book drags on and I find it hard to stay interested. But my TBR pile continues to grow as I've added the beautiful cover of Penguin Threads Emma by Jane Austin and a new novel called "Asking For it" by Irish Author Louise O'Neill. ~book excitement!!~

Falling by Haim is my latest favourite song. Thanks to the Paper Towns movie which is excellent in every possible way. Also "I want the Sky" by Lucy Schwartz is another favourite!

The main two things I've baked have been my Valentine's Red Velvet cake which was sum-didly-umptious and with the new Wonderland movie coming out soon *SQUEEK* I made a wonderland cake.

Second semester at college was tough. And was the main reason for not being able to blog. I finished my exams just last Friday and need a couple of decades to recover from this exhaustion. For anyone who doesn't know, I study Computer Science. It is definitely a great industry to be in and it's "the future" as a lot of people tell me. But is it what I want to do for the REST of my LIFE? 

I. don't. know.

With all this Game of Thrones hype(both positive and negative) I had to find out for myself. I managed to watch the first 5 seasons in 2 months. It's addictive and utterly brilliant. And yes there is horrifying violence, a lot of nudity and rape scenes are way too common that I do fear it will have negative impacts perhaps. 
And I've been repeatedly watching About Time and Penelope. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
That is all.

After finishing this post I realise how much I've missed blogging. It's good to type and think as one. And I can't wait to read all the lovely blogs out there. I say I have missed a bit. I hoped you liked your cake!

M xxx