Sunday, October 16

Repeal The Eighth

So, What is The Eighth?

The 8th refers to the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution which guarantees the equal right to life of the unborn and the mother. This law that was brought in in 1983 means that abortion is illegal in Ireland except if there is a substantial risk to the life of the mother. This forces women to travel abroad usually to the UK for abortion which is physically and emotionally traumatic and stressful, and often isn’t even an option because of the cost.

Why do we need to repeal it?

I believe that women have the right to choice. Being pro choice does not mean being anti-life. It means giving control, responsibility and simple human rights back to women. They can evaluate their situations and choose what is best in their own circumstances. The law at the moment isn't stopping people from having abortions. It’s forcing people to travel or worse, find other means like self-inducted abortions. This is extremely dangerous. If a woman does not want to have a child whether for personal reasons, or if she just isn’t ready to care for a child, or if the pregnancy is a result of rape, she has only two choices. Have the baby or travel for an abortion.

Why are people against it?

Some of the arguments I’ve heard from the pro-life side include “abortion is murder”, “adoption is an alternative to abortion” and “a foetus is a human being with a right to life”.

First of all adoption is not the alternative to abortion, it involves a full pregnancy of 9 months. In this time, there is the risk of the mother’s life and that of the unborn. Health (Mental, Physical and Emotional) and home situation are all other factors that have to be thought about. Then there’s the stress of giving birth, handling the adoption, if the adoption actually goes through, the stress and what life will be life after it all. Especially if this is an unwanted pregnancy, there is a lot to cope with. And choosing to parent a child is a massive decision. Not to be taken lightly. In a way the 8th takes away this choice. You could argue that if you didn’t want to be a parent then you shouldn’t have sex. Then go tell that to all the men that they can only have sex when they want to be a dad. Go make this a law. Go tell teenagers and adults to obey the rules and don’t listen to their urges. Go stop rape. Go stop unwanted pregnancies. Face it, it’s not possible. And anyway sex isn’t just a way to get pregnant, it’s not a contract, for many it’s an act of love or pleasure.

Secondly, a foetus isn’t a human being. It has the potential but it isn’t a “life”. And therefore doesn’t have rights to live. You may disagree with this or think it harsh but I think if you’re so concerned with the right to life try doing something to help all those other children and adults starving and dying in the world. I can say that they are definitely human beings and have a right to live, unlike this foetus you're so worried about.

Why should I have an opinion on it?

This law is a part of my country and someday may affect me. As a feminist, I believe in equality and the 8th amendment impedes basic human rights to women. Legalising abortion gives more options to women, men, transgender and non-binary people. It is safer and gives control back to women over their bodies.

How can we Repeal the 8th?

To repeal an Amendment we need to have a referendum. Right now it’s all about gathering support and signatures for the referendum to happen. Black jumpers with “Repeal” written across them has become a symbol of support for pro-choice. A petition has been setup to gather signatures to call for a referendum.

So join the movement to repeal the 8th Amendment and pave the way for a more equal, safe, and healthy Ireland.


Tuesday, October 4

Adventuring: Copenhagen

On the 27th of August, my friends and I jetted off from Ireland, bags in hand.
Destination: Copenhagen.
Excitement: 100%.
Budget: worryingly austere.
Nevertheless our (almost) annual trip was jam packed. I'm a big fan of timetables and lists so I organised most of our days. None of us had ever been to Copenhagen before this. It turns out the weather is a little bit similar to Ireland but much warmer and much colder at the same time, none of this normalness. The first night we were at the hostel, there was a thunderstorm all night with constant flashes of lightning, although I slept through it all.... travelling is tiring, okay?!

Our budget for this holiday was quite limited and Copenhagen is ridiculously expensive! The Copenhagen Card is a great idea, because you save so much. You don't really need it for travel, everything is within walking distance. Food though is crazy. I had to live on pizza because it was the cheapest. Pizza for breakfast. Pizza for lunch. Pizza for dinner. Surprisingly I still love pizza. In Denmark they speak Danish and although it isn't necessary to learn the language, trying to travel around can be quite difficult because the names of places are so hard to recognise and remember. We stayed in DanHostel near the central station which is a fantastic hostel, brilliant view, but more of a hotel than hostel. We would have enjoyed more of a youth hostel, where we could meet new people and new cultures.

 Copenhagen is a beautiful city and one I would be absolutely thrilled to live in, if I knew the language.

Tivoli Gardens

This is the most magical and beautiful amusement park I have ever been to. We spent a whole day here. And you need all that time and more. It's free to get in if you have the Copenhagen Card but I recommend getting the unlimited ride band. It's the equivalent of three rides anyway. And you are not going to Tivoli and just going on three rides. It's like Disney Land for Adults. Some of the rides are not for the faint hearted, like the Demon, the drop and the plane that goes 120 kilometres an hour. You can't move with G-force on it. This was my favourite place in Copenhagen.


This is the hippy village of Copenhagen. Strictly no cameras or phones and no running. Pretty cool place to wander through. It has great markets, such cool quirky hippy things. And then there's also the drugs aisle. Basically guys wearing balaclavas selling weed out in broad day light. 

Copenhagen Zoo and Carlsberg

We took the bus tour to Copenhagen Zoo and then after to Carlsberg. Both were fantastic and totally worth the visit. Carlsberg is small but you get to enjoy two free beers whilst walking around the museum and seeing the horses. And the Zoo in Copenhagen was so enjoyable. A great day trip for anyone.

Adventure is Out There!

Happy Adventuring!
M ^^