Bucket List

1. Travel to every country in the world.
2. Take part in a flash mob.
3, Get a facial piercing.
4. Learn to drive
5. Play the guitar
6. Sky Dive
7. Get a tattoo
8. Go Camping.
9. Visit Disneyland.
10. Learn to cartwheel
11. Add a lock to the Bridge of Love in Paris.
12. Get married.
13. Visit Hogwarts(WB studios).
14. Write a letter and put on Juliet's wall in Verona.
15. Road Trip around the wild Atlantic way.
16. Go on a hot air balloon.
17. Create a memory box, lock it away and open it when I am old.
18. Put a message in a bottle, throw it in the ocean.
19. Visit Elephants in Africa and India
20. Dance in the rain.
21. Stay up to watch the sunrise.
22. Have a picnic in the park.
23. Skinny Dipping.
24. Work in a Library.
25. Open a cute Tea shop.
26. Write a book.
27. Yell at the top of a mountain.
28. Leave a note in a Library book.
29. Do paint balloon darting.
30. Order desert first at a restaurant.
31. Visit a Chocolate Factory.
32. Build a Computer.

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