Monday, July 14

The City of Lights

I have this list. A Bucket list. And number one on this very long list is to visit every country in the world. A task that seems quite impossible but at the same time very alluring. And let me tell you there is a LOT of countries on this planet. So I thought I my as well start my journey early.
I've already been to Spain and in the last year I have managed to see London (England), Geneva (Switzerland) and now Paris (France).

Two weeks ago my friends and I boarded a plane to Paris! The night before I watched Monte Carlo to get my mood buzzing with excitement. Of course in my head I had this rose-tinted image of the beautiful city of love. Like those ones you see on we heart it. I expected a tranquil ambiance with a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and beautiful fashion in a vintage-esque city of delicious food and perfect weather. Naturally, this wasn't the case...

Firstly, the city smells of pee..... ewwww.
Secondly, the weather varies in extremities between sweltering hot and lashing rain.
Thirdly, there are a LOT of people. And I am not a people person. In fact I am on the border of being a hermit. I am, Almost -a Modern Emily dickinson-  (.... random punctuation and all)
Despite those minor negatives the city of lights is a wonderful place. When all the bus tours and sigh-seeing and touristy jazz is out of the way, it is only then can you see the city for what it is. Taking a day to just get lost in it is just as magnificent as the view from scare-cur.


Yeah!!! A bunch of eighteen year olds in Disney land. It is the most magical place ever!!! We had soo much fun!! :D
My favourite ride is thunder mountain, or something like that. The rides are in general quite slow but that one is so exhilarating. Before this I had never been on a roller coaster. But now I am addicted.

Out of all of that my favourite place in Paris is Shakespeare's bookstore.
The Stamp *sorry it's sideways*
It is most spectacular bookstore I've ever been to. Think Beauty and the beast Library. There was even one of those sliding ladders. EEKK! And guess what I got there?... Julia Child's cookbook!!!

However most of the time I spent stalking Ansel Elgort. He was in Paris the same time I was! Alas, I couldn't find him...

 So now that is five down, another billion countries to go.
I made this Eiffel tower cake in anticipation of Paris.

Bon Appetit!
Marian ^_^


  1. I love your Eiffel tower cake!! I've never been to Paris but my mum's been promising to take me for about the past fifty years ... OK maybe two years. But still. I want to go so much ... the art! The fashion! THE FOOD I mean *ahem* culture.

    1. Thanks! ^_^ yes! should definitely go. Even if it is only for the food ;) ^_^ x

  2. You are SO lucky! The trip sounds amazing (despite the horrid smell throughout the city and all the people *shudders*), but the Eiffel Tower and Disneyland? Why didn't you invite me?? Just kidding. But I'm so glad you had fun, and good luck on your goal to visit all the countries!

    1. Thanks July! It was uber amazing! :D I loved Disneyland!
      And thank you for your encouragement as this journey is probably gonna take quite a while but, hey, it's an adventure! ^_^ x


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